19.00 UK time

This is an inspiring and informative talk on the programme supporting preparation for conscious conception and pregnancy that is used at the Manashakti Research Centre, India. The project aims to build multi-talented, virtuous new generations and a united family, society and world.

Research shows that during all the developmental stages in the womb, there is maximum capacity for learning and receptivity. The Manashakti’s Prenatal Programme focusses on mind and brain development by supporting the foundations for the best environment for spiritual, emotional and intelligent growth.

Dr Aruna Narvekar is an obstetrician and gynecologist who has been associated with the Manashakti Research Centre for 35 years. In this webinar, she will explain the different educational methods and programmes employed at Manashakti. The content is based on the work of the visionary Swami Vijnananand, the founder of Manashakti. His life mission was to bring forth conscious new generations that would make a difference to the whole world.
More than 150,000 pregnant couples and their children have already benefitted from these amazing preconception and prenatal programmes.

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Meet our Teacher

Dr. Aruna Narvekar