The advent of epigenetics and significant advances in the field of cell biology occurred during last two decades of the twentieth century. These modern scientific developments gave evidence for what sacred teachings understood long ago, that what a mother feels during pregnancy impacts on the formation of her baby in the womb.

This webinar is an introduction to a three-part online course on prenatal parenting by Laura Uplinger. The course introduces the tenets of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology, and give an overview of babyhood throughout history. Students will learn how a pregnant mother’s inner life impacts her baby’s growth and development in the womb and through breastfeeding. The course also looks at the possibility of raising human beings in harmony with themselves, others, the environment and Spirit. Laura refers to findings and trends from neurophysiology, psychohistory, prenatal psychology, societal behaviour and spirituality.

Laura Uplinger is an educator in the field of conscious conception, pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding.

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Laura Uplinger

Pregnancy Educator