Over recent decades scientists have furthered their knowledge and understanding about prenatal existence. Scientific techniques such as genetic engineering have given the ability to manipulate and create the human embryo, according to the prevailing insight in our culture about the human being. Despite advances, mainstream science still views the embryo in a reductionist way as a bundle of cells, tissues, organs and genes. This view however does not address questions about the deeper sense and meaning of this stage of human existence which may have a lot to tell us about the true sense of being human.

In this webinar Jaap van der Wal introduces his unique view on prenatal life and birth. In his search for spirit in embryo Jaap follows a phenomenological approach to science, searching for understanding instead of for causes and explanations. He will address questions like, Where do we come from? What are we doing as an embryo? What about spirit, mind and body in the womb? His aim is for you to experience the truth and meaning of the quote by Khalil Gibran: “Your children do not come from you, they come through you”.

This webinar is the introduction to Jaap’s course on the nature of the human embryo. Find out more about this course.

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