During this webinar, Marion Bott, international dreamwork facilitator, will explain how dreamwork builds a bridge between the pregnant mother and the spirit of the soon to be born child.

Pregnancy dreamwork helps women to emotionally connect to the being that is growing within. This holistic practice accesses the subconscious fears and blockages that are in the way of a harmonious birth-giving and mothering experience. The communication established with the child during the dreamwork, allows the mother to express herself freely. Furthermore, dreamwork focuses on the guidance and wisdom the child has to offer so that this co-creation can become the best experience it can possibly be.

During dreamwork a very intimate bond arises, whereby the mother actually learns to listen to her child before she has even come into the world. This intimate bond is a way to say yes to the unknown, and be open to listen. How do we know what our children need? How do we find out what it is that they are truly here on earth for? By deeply listening in a non-judgemental way.

Meet our Teacher

Marion Bott

International Dreamwork Facilitator