Ancient wisdom, transpersonal psychology and cutting edge cell biology, invite us to revise the ways we understand the importance of the gestation of a human being.
When a couple embraces the adventure of parenting even before physically conceiving their children, they step into a powerful dimension of their inner life.
Pre-birth parenting sets the stage for a myriad of possibilities and conscious choices that will nurture the inner strength of parents and their children’s throughout many, many years.
Then, in our mother’s womb we learn that we are worth being loved or not, and that life is worth living or not.
Indeed, the physical and mental health of an adult is deeply rooted in his or her womb experiences, throughout life we have a mighty tendency to “honor” the lessons received in the womb.

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Meet our Teacher

Laura Uplinger

Educator in the field of conscious conception, pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding