The mother-baby dyad is the primary human relationship; it is a soulmate relationship, and the foundation for all future relationships.
This first relationship, between a mother and child, begins before conception and is essential for establishing strong roots for their child’s health and wellbeing throughout life. The mothers womb is where her child learns about life and establishes their sense about the world around them: Is it safe? Am I wanted? Will I be loved? Can I be myself?

A mother has the greatest ability to bless, heal, support and protect her babies soul’s spark at every stage of their human development into adulthood. When empowered, a mother can create her womb as a holy and sacred place and can harness the creation energy through implementing specific conscious practices. Through these specific attuned practices, a mother establishes a miraculous bond with her child.

It is through this miraculous bond, a child can truly feel safe, loved, and connected to themselves, and the creation; able to follow the divine spark within them – their unique purpose. Through these wisdom practices mothers and their children together create healthier and happier families, which in turn leads to a more peaceful world.

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Nina Ketscher

Clinical and Somatic Psychologist