Live Masterclass

Monday 5th December
19.00 UK time

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Would you like to learn how you can use shiatsu to support your clients?

This is the first of series of 3 masterclasses on how to support women, babies and their partners to be more connected to their inner wisdom during pregnancy and birth.

Shiatsu can not only relieve physical symptoms but enable people to tap into their own resources, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This different approach to our body and to maternity care will enhance not just your touch skills but the way you support women with breathing, exercise and visualisations.

Our second Masterclass in the series will focus on Birth: Supporting fetal positioning, relieving back ache and creating flow in the pelvis. We will do this by becoming familiar with the Girdle Vessel and working on all fours.

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn basic theoretical and practical principles of Chinese medicine and shiatsu in a simple and safe way, so that you can immediately start applying this approach to your life and your work
  • You will learn about the important Extraordinary Vessels of the Penetrating and Girdle as well as some of the other meridians.

With Suzanne Yates

Therapist And Teacher

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