Movement is the primary input for the setup and development of our Primitive Reflex System. This System is the primary way our nervous system grows and how we eventually learn to go from being dependant to independent. Without it, we would still be lying on the floor!

Movement affects neurological development in utero, during the birthing process and in the first months of life. It is important for the development of a healthy brain to have specific yet intuitive movement in daily life. Rehabilitative movement and yoga techniques can help bring the Reflex System into balance if there are issues present as a result of trauma or injury or due to neurological differences such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

In this webinar Veronika will take you on a journey through the Primitive Reflexes and offer practical techniques for helping mothers gain confidence in responding to their babies with intuitive movements that can soothe or stimulate and help their baby to grow.

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Meet our Teacher

Veronika Pena de la Jarra

Yoga Teacher and Yotism Yoga Teacher Trainer