With current trends in human development accepting how transgenerational and intergenerational trauma, in-utero conditions and stress may impact the developing baby and the mother’s pregnancy, preconception preparation is the optimal place in the pregnancy to introduce prevention and healing. Practitioners can help adults find how their ancestral and early histories play a role in their health, especially in preparation to becoming parents.

This webinar is an introduction to a three part online course on preconception preparation by Kate White. The course will introduce three distinct patterns when working to identify possible traumas that may affect childbirth and early parenting. Each of these patterns help with birth and parenting when combined with therapeutic approaches that can be offered by any practitioner working with the prenatal and perinatal period.

Kate White has been working in the field of pre- and perinatal psychology for many years and is based in the US. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

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Kate White

Craniosacral and Massage Therapist