Lina Clerke

Birth Specialist

I see childbirth as a profound and potentially empowering experience in a woman’s life. I feel passionate about helping women to grow within themselves during pregnancy and to become relaxed and confident as women during childbirth and motherhood. I have spent most of my adult life helping women birth with dignity and respect and helping babies to be born gently into a loving and compassionate environment.

Although my special focus has been natural, undisturbed birth, I am well aware of the challenges facing parents-to-be in achieving such a birth within the (often fear-driven) medical-based hospital system. Because of my midwifery experience both in hospital and at home, I have many ‘tricks up my sleeve’ to share with expectant parents, wherever they choose to give birth.

When child-bearing couples become informed and confident, these empowered parents (by asserting their understanding and needs) can influence the practices and politics of birth in our society at large.