Cultural convergences of Yoga and Taoism within Theravada Buddhism have brought the harmonious and slow rhythm to Thai Massage, the stretching with gradually deepening application of pressure through the spirit of compassion that induces the channeling of healing energy. The combination of these elements brings about a profound and meditative state of relaxation. Its effect reaches from the structure of the physical form down into the most subtle energetic levels. This technique harmonises body and mind through rhythmic movements and gradual stretching. Through gentle persistence, without forcing anything or managing pain or contractions, the nervous system calms down which in turn, relieves pain and tension. The acupressure that is applied in Thai Massage follows the lines of the Zen meridians and stimulates organ function and the circulation of the vital energy, balancing out the energetic centres.

It is essential to remember that pregnancy is a very important time in the life of a woman and we can make it even more special by means of accepting and safe touch. This video shows an introduction to this deeply nourishing technique which is designed help to support women during pregnancy.

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Meet our Teacher

Marjorie Sa

Thai Massage Therapist and Birth Expert