Before a child is born, if circumstances arise in the life of the mother that are very disturbing and debilitating the affect transfers to the child and has a real impact on the emotional development of the child. The developing nervous system of the child is traumatised and modified, and the impact of this trauma is stored in the child’s subconscious like an imprint. As life outside the womb begins, and throughout life, these stored trauma imprints can cause difficulties in both the mind (the way we think and perceive things) and the body (our emotions, how we feel and our physical well-being). Emotional trauma also impacts our inner identity.

Symptoms like anxiety and depression, eating and personality disorders, behavioural and relational dysfunctions and bodily symptoms can be linked back to previous emotional trauma.

In this webinar, Alexandra Smith shows how these post traumatic symptoms can be addressed using Intention Therapy. This approach is a powerful and safe way to resolve troublesome issues and it can help people experience more balance, well-being and harmony in themselves and their life.

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