Babies need parenting and consistent, authentic connection much earlier than was previously known. From preconception through early infancy we are developing foundational imprinting that will have an enormous influence on the rest of our lives. Because babies are conscious and sentient, and are always having their own experience, we need to put them in the very center of how we support women through pregnancy and birth.

Birthing professionals are in a unique position to support the mum/baby/dad during labor and the post-birth bonding period. Birth is a relational and primal experience for both mum and baby. Including baby in the birthing process with empathy, and with an understanding of their consciousness, creates more coherence, supports secure attachment, and mitigates trauma, disconnection and isolation imprinting for both mum and baby. Birth can be healing and empowering.

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Karen Melton

Somatic Pre-and Perinatal Psychology Practitioner