The association of ‘quiet baby’ with ‘good baby’ reflects unconscious cultural attitudes that put increased pressure on parents and seeks to diminish the expressiveness of babies. Babies are fully human from the beginning and seek empathic contact for their inner emotional life, including their distress. How we support or inhibit emotional expression in early life, has long term consequences for us as individuals and society.

Baby Body language, through which prenatal and birth events are expressed, is generally not seen as meaningful. Yet it conveys a depth of experience that seeks validation and continues throughout life. As therapists and educators being able to read and respond appropriately to these expressive cues, supports a deeper connection with and appreciation of our clients unheard story.

Matthew Appleton, craniosacral therapist and pre- and parinatal psychologist, is co-organiser and keynote speaker at the 2019 Baby Conference in Bristol where he will present on the “Good Baby Syndrome”. In this webinar, Matthew will provide an overview of his conference talk in Bristol next year.

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Perinatal Psychology

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