How can practitioners who diagnose, assess, or support the mother/infant dyad struggling with breastfeeding difficulties/dysfunctions help mother and child to return to homeostasis?

When an oral tether is present (tongue tie), a fascial tether is always present. The two cannot be separated. An oral tether is a womb event that causes a cascade of fascial restriction throughout the infant’s body during all stages of development. In order for infants to fully recover from the release of oral tethers, they must also receive fascial, tensegrity-based treatment.

The Functional Bowen™ Pediatric Application Process offers a “global” approach to structural assessment as well as advanced muscle release techniques to help restore the infant’s “functional mobility” and support the achievement/retention of successful breastfeeding and a normal structural development. Judy Terwilliger is a registered Nurse with 36 years across a broad spectrum of areas whose passion is to help mums and babies connect in their breastfeeding journey. In this talk, Judy will present the Functional Bowen™ Pediatric Application Process by way of overview of an in-person eHealth Learning course in July 2019.

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Judy Terwilliger

Registered Nurse