The birth of a baby is an invitation for the birth of a family too. Physiology and psychology work hand in hand at this time. Bringing awareness and support to the relational field can help foster the creation of nourishing relationships during this period of massive change, challenges and growth.

This webinar is an introduction to a three-part online course by Dominique Sakoilsky. The course will explore three key relationship dynamics in antenatal, birth and postnatal times. These are: relationship to self, relationship to baby and relationship to partner. It will look at ways to create relational space in terms of the mother’s connection to herself, for the baby and for the couple. The course will give practical tools for practitioners to use that are relevant to each relationship dynamic, with the aim of supporting the birth of a family.

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Dominique Sakoilsky

Counsellor, Supervisor and Craniosacral Therapist